New prototypes of attachments for macro shooting and split-focus lenses were used for the first time on a real project. Cinematographer Maxim Volokh used them for the music video of the new song “Bullet in the head” by the KILL group (soloist Ilya Terentyev, Trap core style), “FFF Production” Company. The shooting took place in the "Black Anchor Production" Ltd studio (the first full-cycle virtual production that successfully used the combined shooting technology based on the #UnrealEngine virtual engine). The shooting conditions were quite extreme (Range: cyclorama screen: maximum 800 lux/m2, ceiling screen: maximum 4000 lux/m2).

The shooting was carried out with a Sony F55 (4K) camera using Sony Prime PL lenses (F20, 25 and 30mm). The attachment for macro shooting with an optical power of +3 and split-focus lenses with an optical power of +1 and +3 were used. The use of the attachment for macro shooting allowed the soloist of the group to approach the camera at a minimum distance of 5 cm from the lens glass, which enhanced the emotional perception of the video sequence. It was noted that even when using F20mm lens with a macro attachment, no vignetting was observed.

According to the cinematographer, the new LOMO attachments:

- when working with ILLUMINA S35 and SONY PRIME PL lenses, they do not add additional image defects and performed very well against bright background light;

- some shift of the white balance to the warm range does not make any problems even when using the split-focus lens;

- the border of the transition in the split-focus lens provides the image with an interesting texture, which can be used to emphasize the eccentricity of the image (but, if required, the transition is easily hidden in the scenery elements);

- the transition boundary in the split-focus lens shifts from the center to the effective side as the focal length of the lens is shortened (this is due to the effect of a magnifying glass inherent in afocal attachments), which must be taken into account in the composition, and is a feature of such lenses;

- macro lenses lengthen the focal length of the lens, which is also the norm and requires taking into account while the size of the frame is planning.

We would like to thank “FFF Production” company, the “Black Anchor Production Ltd” studio and personally its General Director Kirill Vasitinsky, the project producer Felix Semibratov, the directors Felix Semibratov and Maxim Volokh, and the cameraman Maxim Volokh for their willingness to cooperate and experiment with new LOMO products, professional work, as well as for the positive reviews and comments about our new products. Special thanks to Vadim Yezhov for photographs of the filming process.

We wish successful completion of the project and look forward to the release of this video.

Examples of screen shots from the PC screen still frames. Timeline of the video editing software