A five-month cycle of testing prototypes of macro attachments and split-focus diopter lenses is completed. It was carried out in Moscow and St. Petersburg with the participation of professional cinematographers and specialists of rental companies.

During testing, it was not only proofed the possibility of using the new LOMO optical attachments in filmmaking, but also comments and suggestions for their improvement were made to significantly improve the quality of the obtained image. As a result, new prototypes of split-focus diopter lenses with an optical power of +2 and +3 diopters were manufactured, in which these suggestions were implemented.

The final testing of new prototypes was carried out at the “Kadr” Television Academy (head of the Academy is Tatiana Spiridonova). The cinematographer, master of the course of the “Kadr” Television Academy and Senior Teacher of The Russian State Institute of Performing Arts Maxim Volokh, cinematographer and teacher of the Film and Television School Igor Plaksin, as well as students of the Academy Elena Vostrikova, Alena Malakhova, Vladislav Khomutov took part in the testing. 

The test results fully confirmed a significant improvement in the image quality and allowed LOMO specialists to make the final decision on the design of split-focus diopter lenses. The first batch of new LOMO optical attachments has already been launched into mass production. Without disclosing the technical details of the changes made, LOMO specialists are confident that in 2021 buyers of new optical attachments will be satisfied and make sure that the image quality can compete with similar attachments of global manufacturers, and in terms of price / quality ratio they will become a hit on the market accessories for filmmaking.

This became possible only thank to a cooperation between LOMO specialists interested in a high-quality final product and film production professionals who are ready to cooperate and support a domestic film optics manufacturer.

Once again, we would like to thank everyone who participated in the testing of new optical attachments: the “Kadr” Television Academy (St. Petersburg), the Ready-made Cameraman Service “Pomorin I. Co” , the Mosfilm Film Studio, the GITR Film and Television School, the rental companies “Your Rental” and “LKS Rental” and personally Igor Plaksin, Maxim Volokh, Ivan Pomorin, Mikhail Shipilov, Alexey Senkovsky, Innokenty Smirnov, Andrey Dmitriev, Fedor Yashkin and others.