Split-focus diopter lenses



Attachments with split-focus diopter lenses are half Ø92mm lenses in frames that, when mounted on professional cinema objectives, allow you to create two focal points in one frame (on both close and far objects).

The complete set of delivery of attachments with split-focus diopter lenses includes:

- four split-focus diopter lenses in frames with optical power (in diopters) +0.5; +1; +2 and +3

- four special cases for storing attachments

- three additional adapter rings for attaching attachments to objectives of various international manufacturers

Attachments with split-focus diopter lenses can be mounted on cine objectives with outer fitting diameters:

- Ø114mm (without adapter rings);

- Ø110mm (using an adapter ring KP Ø114-Ø110mm);

- Ø95mm (using the adapter ring KP Ø114-Ø95mm);

- Ø80mm (using an adapter ring KP Ø114-Ø80mm).

Attachments with split-focus diopter lenses have an outer fitting diameter of Ø114mm, which allows, if necessary, to install additional equipment on them (matte boxes, LMB, etc.)

As a result of the testing of attachments carried out at LOMO with the "ILLUMINA S35" cine objectives of series MK-II and MK-III, it was experimentally established that the best image is obtained when using them with objectives having focal lengths of 25, 35 and 50mm.

Examples of received images

Without split-focus diopter lenses:

With a split-focus diopter lens +0.5:

With a split-focus diopter lens+3:

Serial production of attachments with split-focus diopter lenses and their sales started since June of 2021. At the customer’s request, it will be possible to order a complete set of attachments and adapter rings, as well as individual attachments with adapter rings of the required diameters.

If you wish to test attachments with split-focus diopter lenses personally or order them please let us know at lzal50@yandex.ru.

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